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Mt Pleasant Robot

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MtPleasantRobotIf you live near Mt Pleasant in Michigan and need to cheer someone up, why not hire a robot?

The Mt Pleasant Robot has been cheering up kids and adults all over town like 16 year old Vanesssa Sprague. Vanessa needed knee surgery recently, effectively ending her softball season.  Her mom thought she need cheering up and called the Mt Pleasant Robot for help.

Send the robot a message or give him a shout out on the Mt Pleasant Robot Facebook page.

Our only question is why does the robot look so angry if he is supposed to cheer people up?

Also, maybe one of our readers or someone over at Make could show him how  to add a few blinky lights and jazz up the costume a little?

Link via (The Morning Sun)


Robo Games

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Where should you be this weekend?

Why in San Fransisco for the Robo Games of course!


robot T-Shirt

In celebration of the new National Robotics Week we are giving away some prizes.

Leave a comment here by midnight east coast time on 4/13, this Tuesday, and we will randomly pick the winners.

We are giving away two Robot Living t-shirts.

The t-shirts are medium or large and come in olive green with yellow graphics.

Good luck and may the best man, er robot, win.


Recently Craig Ferguson debuted his new skeleton robotic sidekick on his late night tv show, The Late Late Show.

The robot was built by Grant Imahara from Mythbusters.

Link via (SciFiWire)


Commander Robot

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Commander RobotHi folks, it’s time to visit our wayback machine and visit a robot created in the latter half of the last century.

David Colman created a robot called Commander Robot in the late 1960’s & early 1970’s that later evolved into Ralph Roger Robot.

Shown here is the Commander Robot version with David working on him.  He seemed very popular and made appearances all over the country from supermarkets in Bangor Maine to the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.

Commander Robot was originally built as part of the Ice Follies and could skate on the ice.

The robot’s creator, Dave Colman, demonstrates the radio gear that transmits to the robot’s 14-channel receiver to activate seven motors and control movement. In the robot are 50 pounds of batteries, clusters of servo switches, tape recorder, assorted lights and two 1/50th hp motors that drive sprockets that bite into the ice to make him move.

Wow, a robot with 50 pounds of batteries.  That is hard to imagine with such tiny robots as bristlebots, trimets and others available today. Check out more photos at the informative Cybernetic Zoo.

Link via (Cybernetic Zoo)