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Honda’s Lawnmowing Robot

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MiimoMiimo, the new robotic lawnmower from Honda cuts your lawn in a random pattern for less stress on the grass.

The mowing height is adjustable from 20mm to 60 mm.

Lifts sensors activate an alarm if Miimo is lifted off the ground and requires a PIN to reactivate it for security.

For safety, Miimo has 3 bump sensors to detect objects that are in the way and it also stays inside a boundary wire you need to install. The boundary wire is connected to a charging station.

One odd fact is that the dealers will collect Miimo at the end of the season for winter maintenance and in some cases store it for the winter for you.

Miimo will be available in Europe in early 2013.

Link via (Engadget)

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Mint On Sale

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mint robotic floor cleanerDidn’t get the floor cleaning robot you wanted for the holidays?

Well, the Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner 4200 by Evolution Robotics is currently on sale at Amazon.

You can currently save 20% and buy it for only $199.00.

Mint uses infrared light for smart navigation to clean your floor with Swiffer like pads.

See our previous post Mint Cleaning Robot.

Mint has also won the CES Innovations 2011 Design and Engineering Award.

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Ketchup Dispensing robot

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This funny ketchup dispensing robot is the work of Bill Fienup and Barry Kudrowitz, two people who have studied at MIT.

Check out more videos at Automato75.com.

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Mint Wins Award

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mint robotic floor cleanerUnveiled last year at the CES  (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas was the Mint robotic floor cleaner, by Evolution Robotics that uses Swiffer like pads to clean your floor.

This year at the CES Mint has won the CES Innovations 2011 Design and Engineering Award.

Evolution Robotics partnered with Yves Behar and his team at fuseproject to design the robot.

Yves states:

Until now, home cleaning technologies frankly looked like sci-fi toys. Our belief is that by focusing on a simple and fail-safe consumer experience fused with a clean-modern aesthetic, we create a familiar and friendly product and brand,” said Yves Behar of fuseproject. “CES’s recognition is a great way to show the perfect marriage between sophisticated technology and considered design.

Mint is currently available on Amazon for $199.


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iRobot Scooba 230

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irobot scooba 230iRobot has just introduced a new floor cleaning robot called the Scooba 230.

This compact round robot uses a cleaning solution to remove 97% of all bacteria from your kitchen and bathroom floors.  The Scooba 230 can also be used with tap water if you run out of cleaning solution.  It is easy to refill and empty through two separate holes and the brushes on the bottom are also easily removable for cleaning. The robot keeps the clean and dirty water separate, which is why it has two holes.

The Scooba 230 goes over each area multiple times and uses something called iAdapt Responsive Cleaning Technology that allows the robot to select from over 40 different behaviors more than 60 times per second.

One behavior allows the  Scooba 230 to hug your bathroom walls. Another behavior is called cliff detection.  This behavior means it will know to avoid stairs without the need for any virtual walls.

Update: No word yet on price or when it will be available.

We have seen the price listed at $299 on Boston.com, but still no word on when it will be available.

Link via (Boston Herald)

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