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Toyota’s Helpful Robot

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Human Support RobotToyota has unveiled a new helper type robot called the Human Support Robot (HSR) to help with Japan’s aging population.

It is designed to help people around their home and improve their quality of life.

With a height of between 32 and 52 inches and a weight of about 70 lbs, HSR is not very big or heavy.  Due to a telescopic body , the robot can change its height, depending on the task at hand.

HSR also has an arm and a gripper hand for doing simple tasks, like picking items up off the floor or opening curtains.

HSR can be controlled by a tablet computer.

No word on price or availability yet.

Link via (Gizmag)

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Romeo From Aldebaran Robotics

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Aldebaran Robotics along with other partners have been working on a humanoid robot called Romeo.

The project website states:

The project’s objective is to develop a humanoid robot that can act as a comprehensive assistant for persons suffering from loss of autonomy.  On the ground of Romeo’s project learnings, Aldebaran intends to develop a product which could be on the market by 2015.

Romeo weighs 40.53 kg and stands 1.43 m tall.  For more really detailed specs, check out Romeo’s documentation page.  As far as humanoid robots go, Romeo is pretty realistic and is not at all creepy or in the uncanny valley like some other humanoid robots.  Nice job so far.  We hope Romeo actually makes it to market in 2015.

Link via (Plastic Pals)


Dreamer From Meka Robotics

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Meka Robotics DreamerMeka Robotics has created a robot called Dreamer that uses Willow Garage’s ROS or Robot Operating System.  The robot has no mouth, some very expressive ears as well as some cute eyes containing FireWire cameras.

The idea here is to create a humanoid robot that is able to be used around humans.  The robot’s arm has seven degrees of freedom and is pliable like a human arm.

Meka robotics is based in San Fransisco and Dreamer is being developed by Luis Sentis , an assistant professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Austin in Texas.

Seems like Dreamer is a Japanese styled version of what Heartland Robotics is also working on.

Check out Dreamer in the clip below.

Link via (CNET)
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Panasonic Unveils HOSPI-Rimo

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HOSPI-RimoPanasonic has created a robot to help the sick or bedridden.  The idea for HOSPI-Rimo is to act as an agent to connect with doctors or friends who can’t visit.  HOSPI-Rimo is based on Panasonic’s HOSPI robot, a robot that delivers medication in hospitals.

The Press release states:

HOSPI-Rimo serves as an intermediary to enable comfortable communication between people who are bed ridden or have limited mobility to communicate with other people, for example, their attending doctor in a separate room in the hospital or friends who live far away, as if they were interacting face to face. Panasonic developed “HOSPI” automatic medication delivery robot, which is used in hospitals in Japan and other countries. HOSPI-Rimo employs HOSPI’s autonomous mobility technology and high-definition visual communications technology Panasonic is renowned for.


Panasonic has also upgraded their hair washing robot first introduced last year..  Yup, Panasonic has built a hair washing robot.

Click through for a video of HOSPI.

 Panasonic via (Press release)

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PR2 and ROS Grow

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pr2PR2 from Willow Garage uses ROS (Robot Operating System) and is one amazing robot.
First PR2 learned to play pool and fetch beer for the staff at Willow Garage.
PR2 is currently listed at $400,000, out of the range of most regular guys like me, but some universities have gotten one and boy, have they taught PR2 some neat tricks.

First PR2 learned how to fold clothes and now it is learning how to solve the entire laundry problem , including washing, drying, folding and putting clothes away!

Some other folks have taught PR2 to read.

For it’s latest trick, PR2 has paid a visit to MIT and the robot has learned how to bake cookies!
Click through to see PR2 do his amazing stuff.
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