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Controlling A Robot With Kinect

Willow Garage is holding a contest for it’s ROS (Robot Operating System).  See  all the details at ROS Contest.

The entry shown above by Taylor Veltrop uses a Microsoft Kinect to map his body movements to the robot.  This is pretty cool stuff.

Right now, only the arms are being mapped, but Taylor has plans to improve his work.

The Veltrobot is controlled by a Microsoft Kinect in a master/slave fashion. I’d like to take this further and do something about leg control and gripper control too. Also if I change how the joint angles are calculated the positioning of the robot’s hands could be improved.

Nice job Taylor.

See more information on his website taylor.veltrop.com.


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  1. Comment by irisorn:

    This video is boring. This men only is using ROS software and OpenNi framework….
    There are videos more interesting such as: