R2D2 In Star Trek



As mentioned in our previous post, R2D2 does appear in the new Star Trek Movie.

But where does he show up is the question.  Well, sadly the contest to win a prop from the movie is over. Read on to find out exactly where R2D2 does appear in the new Star Trek film.

Answer after the break  – **Spoiler Alert**




During the Drill Machine sequence as the Enterprise comes out of its barrel role amidst destruction of the other Federation ships above Vulcan, we cut to an interior Enterprise bridge over the shoulder of Kirk that is looking out through the front viewscreen. In space, R2-D2 is floating in the debris from about the top middle of the screen to the bottom right.

Update 6/11: Finally we have a picture for you!



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7 Responses to R2D2 In Star Trek

  1. Drewish says:

    47:41 actually.

  2. DC says:

    time stamp 47:39

  3. Star Trek Costume says:

    The new film is tremendous 😀

  4. Steve Cramsie says:

    It is the shuttlecraft leaving the Enterprise on its way to the Narada. This image is incorrect.

  5. Chief05 says:

    Hm that’s not R2, I think that’s the shuttle.

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