Bat Bot

Bat BotIn another case of biomimicry, scientists from Caltech and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have created a flying robot called Bat Bot.

Weighing only 93 grams, Bat Bot has a roughly one foot wingspan.

The key here for the scientists was to re create the complex wings of the bat.

See more in the video blow.

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Gita, Your Robotic Stuff Carrier


Photo from PFF

Gita is a robot designed for cities and as an everyday assistant. Made by Piaggio Fast Forward,  Gita moves at human speed, can carry up to 40 lbs and has a zero turning radius.

Gita could follow you to the grocery store or go to the library with you to carry books. Gita can also move autonomously between waypoints and uses SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) to navigate.

See the video from PFF below.


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Kuri, Your Home Robot

KuriMayfield Robotics, the makers of Kuri, are an offshoot of Bosch. They have just announced Kuri is now available for pre order for $699 and should ship by the end of the year.

Kuri learns the layout of your home as it follows you around.  Kuri can recognize you, play music, tell stories and take photos and video.

Kuri comes with a docking station and recharges itself as needed.

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DobotDobot is a robotic arm currently up on Kickstarter.  While this doesn’t sound like much at first, keep in mind that Dobot can 3D print, laser engrave, solder as well as move objects around quickly.

There is also a mobility platform available to allow it to move around your space.

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WASEDA University’s Rubble Walking Robot

WAREC-1WASEDA University in Tokyo Japan has unveiled a 4 legged robot called WAREC-1.

The robot is able to climb over rubble to assist in search and rescue operations.

Sporting four limbs with seven degrees of freedom each, WAREC-1 weighs 150 kg und is able to move around by creeping forward on it’s stomach.  The WAREC-1 can also walk on two legs and climb ladders.

Eventually the researchers hope to replace the hooks on it with arms so it can also perform tasks with tools.

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