A Safe Drone For Last Mile Delivery

Pack DroneThe clever people at École Polytechnique Fédérale De Lausanne or EPFL have created a a drone for delivering packages weighing up to 500 g.

The drone features a carbon fiber safety cage around it to protect people from the spinning blades.

The makers were inspired by origami and have created a drone that is able to fold up and become 92% smaller so it can be carried easily or put into a backpack.

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Seeed Studio Introduces New Robots for The DIY Crowd

AlphaBot2Seeed Studio in Shenzen has now introduced the new AlphaBot2.  There are 2 version of AlphaBot, the older basic model and the new AlphaBot2.

The basic model is longer and AlphaBot2 comes in the popular round shape for robots like this.

You can choose to make the AlphaBot2 work with either Raspberry Pi or Arduino.

There are five models of AlphaBot2 to choose from.

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Aquarius Your Watering Robot

AquariusAlthough this robot cropped up a few years ago, recent other farming type robots like the Tertill The Weed Whacker got us wanting to revisit Aquarius.

Aquarius is a greenhouse plant watering robot from Dorhout R&D.  Utilizing a 30 gallon water tank it roams the greenhouse watering plants.

The robot is controlled by two Parallax propeller chips. Basically you dial in the plant pot size and set the robot line following.

David Dorhout is also the creator of Prospero Robotic Farmer.

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Root Robotics Teaches Coding

Root RobotRoot Robotics is taking pre orders for Root, a hexagonal robot that teaches coding.

Root has many cool features like being able to climb walls, respond to it’s environment, even draw and erase on a whiteboard.

This is all thanks to 32 color sensors, 2 light sensors, 1 gyroscope, 1 accelerometer, 2 bumpers amongst other features.

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BionicANTs From FESTO


FESTO has created the bionicANTs or robotic ants.  While not new, we somehow did not write about them when they came out.

The ants works like real ants and can communicate and cooperate with one another.

Using piezo technology, the ants have about a 40 minute run time with 2 7.2v rechargeable batteries.

The ants can also use their antenna to recharge their batteries from a live rail.

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