Sea Slug Biohybrid Robot

sea slug robotIn robot news this week, researchers from Case Western Reserve University have created a robotic sea slug.

Using 3D print to make a shell and muscles from the sea slug’s mouth.

A sea slug was chosen as it is very durable and able to live in a variety of temperatures.

Biobybrid robots seem to be popular area of research as evidenced by this sea slug and the robotic stingray,


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SwagBot The Robotic Cowboy

SwagbotSwagBbot is a robot created by Salah Sukkarieh for the Australian Centre for Field Robotics (ACFR).  Salah Sukkarieh is also a professor  of robotics at Sydney University.

SwagBot has many capabilities like towing, monitoring animals, herding, the ability to handle rugged terrain and our favorite, the ability to coordinate with aerial vehicles (drones).

SwagBot can travel up to 12 mph on smooth terrain, but how long it’s battery lasts has not been revealed yet.

About the only thing SwagBot cannot do is mend fences.  Watch SwagBot go through it’s paces in the video below.

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Robotic Stingray

Robotic Stingray

Photograph: Karaghen Hudson and Michael Rosnach

A Harvard University professor, Kevin Kit Parker,  has produced a robotic stingray.

The robot is made of an elastomer body, a gold skeleton and a muscle layer made from artificial rat heart cells.

The rat heart cells have been genetically engineered to react to light.

The robotic stingray swims in a mixture of glucose, warm water and salt.  This mixture provides the cells with energy.

Artificial creations like this could help pave the best way to create a human heart.

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PleurobotScientists from the EPFL’s Biorobotics Laboratory have created a new version of  the salamander like robot called Pleurobot.

Using x-rays and up to 64 tracking points, the scientists are able to accurately mimic a salamander’s gate.

Pleurobot uses 27 motors and 11 spinal segments to achieve walking, crawling and even swimming.

The video shows Pleurobot side by side with an x-ray video of a real salamander to show how precisely they have nailed Pleurobot’s gate.

This type of robot could potentially have other sensors added and be used for search and rescue type operations.

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Boston Dynamics SpotMini

SpotMiniBoston Dynamics, makers of BigDog, unveiled a new robot today called SpotMini.

SpotMini weighs 55 lbs and 65 lbs with the arm attachment, runs for 90 minutes on a charge and is all electric with no hydraulics.

In the screen grab shown here, SpotMini is about to put a glass in the dishwasher

SpotMini can also duck under tables, get back up after slipping on banana peels, climb stairs  and even fetch you a beer!

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