Stanford’s Humanoid Robotic Diver

Stanford Robotics Lab has created a humanoid shaped robotic diver called OceanOne.

Using haptic feedback and video, OceanOne allows researchers to search the ocean while sitting topside on a boat.  The robot is filled with oil and can travel down to 1,000 meters.  The limit for recreational scuba diving is about 130 meters.

Recently OceanOne had it’s maiden voyage and traveled to the bottom of the Mediterranean, searching for the wreck of La Lune, a ship from King Louis XIV.

OceanOne managed to find the wreck and retrieve a vase from the shipwreck.  Nice job!
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Zero Zero Robotics

Hover CameraZero Zero Robotics has unveiled it’s first product called Hover Camera after developing it in relative secrecy.  The company has received $25 million in funding.

Hover Camera is a small drone that can fold up and fit in your bag.  Unfold the drone and press the on button and let go.  The Hover Camera then automatically hovers in front of you.

The drone is able to hover by using  downward and front facing cameras. The front facing camera uses visual SLAM(simultaneous localization and mapping) to help it hover.  It can take 13 MP photos, shoot 4K video and follow you thanks to facial recognition.

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Antbo (2)Antbo, the programmable ant like robot that learns more as time goes on, is now up for pre-order on Indiegogo.  Currently Antobo is going for $69 for 1 or $129 for 2.

Antbo is being made by DFRobot from Shanghai, who have previous experience making 2 and 4 wheeled robot kits, as well as a variety of other DIY parts.

The robot can be controlled by remote, your voice, or even by drawing lines.  It can also be programmed by Arduino IDE or Scratch, but also appears to work out of the box with no programming.

Delivery date is stated as November 2016.

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Underwater snake robot

SlinkyA sea snake robot is being developed by Kongsberg Maritime, Eelume and petroleum company Statoil.

Eelume is a NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) spinoff company.  NTNU has been conducting research on underwater snake robots for more than 10 years.

The maintenance robot will be permanently installed on the ocean floor and used for visual inspections and tasks such as adjusting valves.

Bjørn Jalving, Executive Vice President Subsea Division at Kongsberg Maritime states:

“It is a new tool that will enable operators to realise large scale cost savings by introducing new ways of conducting routine tasks and helping prevent unscheduled shutdowns by reacting instantly when required.”

See NTNU’s earlier snake robot named Aiko designed to help rescue people trapped in rubble or fallen buildings.

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ZiroZiro is a robot kit that works through hand gestures.

It is made up of motor modules and a smart glove. You make the body out of whatever you have handy like wood, plastic or cardboard and add the motors.   You then tell the motors what they are supposed to do through a smartphone app.

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