Moorebot, Your Personal Assistant

MoorebotPilot Labs from China has started an Indiegogo campaign to bring the personal assistant Moorebot to life.  Similar to Jibo in fuction as well as looks, Moorebot is like a giant eye that sits on your desk.

Moorebot can tell you things like the weather or a story.  It can also take pictures and remind you of things.

Moorebot sports 256MB of ram with 2 GB of internal storage and the early bird discount level prices Moorebot at only $159.

Pilot Labs have been working on this project since 2014 and hope to deliver Moorebot in November of 2016.

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Creepy Robot Called Alter

AlterThe Japan National Science Museum in Tokyo is hosting a new robot called Alter.

Alter is a humanoid robot governed by a neural network.  A variety of sensors such as a temperature sensor and proximity sensor also influence Alter’s movements.

Alter also has a “central pattern generator” that uses 42 pneumatic actuators to create it’s movements.

Researchers from Tokyo and Oasaka also decided it was a good idea to make Alter “sing”.  Is Alter man or machine? You decide.

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Obi, The Robot That Helps You Eat

ObiDesi LLC, makers of Obi, have created a robot that helps feed people with disabilities.

A care giver sets the robot up and fills the bowls with food.  The robot is then taught where to move to by simply moving the spoon near the user’s mouth.

Obi can also be controlled by the user through a variety of switches such as a button type switch, a pillow switch or a sip & puff switch.

Obi is available now for $4,500.00.

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Sea Slug Biohybrid Robot

sea slug robotIn robot news this week, researchers from Case Western Reserve University have created a robotic sea slug.

Using 3D print to make a shell and muscles from the sea slug’s mouth.

A sea slug was chosen as it is very durable and able to live in a variety of temperatures.

Biobybrid robots seem to be popular area of research as evidenced by this sea slug and the robotic stingray,


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SwagBot The Robotic Cowboy

SwagbotSwagBbot is a robot created by Salah Sukkarieh for the Australian Centre for Field Robotics (ACFR).  Salah Sukkarieh is also a professor  of robotics at Sydney University.

SwagBot has many capabilities like towing, monitoring animals, herding, the ability to handle rugged terrain and our favorite, the ability to coordinate with aerial vehicles (drones).

SwagBot can travel up to 12 mph on smooth terrain, but how long it’s battery lasts has not been revealed yet.

About the only thing SwagBot cannot do is mend fences.  Watch SwagBot go through it’s paces in the video below.

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