Underwater snake robot

SlinkyA sea snake robot is being developed by Kongsberg Maritime, Eelume and petroleum company Statoil.

Eelume is a NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) spinoff company.  NTNU has been conducting research on underwater snake robots for more than 10 years.

The maintenance robot will be permanently installed on the ocean floor and used for visual inspections and tasks such as adjusting valves.

Bjørn Jalving, Executive Vice President Subsea Division at Kongsberg Maritime states:

“It is a new tool that will enable operators to realise large scale cost savings by introducing new ways of conducting routine tasks and helping prevent unscheduled shutdowns by reacting instantly when required.”

See NTNU’s earlier snake robot named Aiko designed to help rescue people trapped in rubble or fallen buildings.

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ZiroZiro is a robot kit that works through hand gestures.

It is made up of motor modules and a smart glove. You make the body out of whatever you have handy like wood, plastic or cardboard and add the motors.   You then tell the motors what they are supposed to do through a smartphone app.

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BIG-iBIG-i is a robot from NXROBO that looks like a trash can. The robot made of soft material on the outside, is approximately 2 1/2 feet tall,  just over 1 foot in diameter and weighs about 26 pounds.

Using face recognition amongst other features BIG-i allows you to do some interesting things, like not search for your phone when you have a call.

Video Call + Face Recognition + Auto Navigation changes the phone calling experience. Rather than having to look for your phone, BIG-i can come looking for you instead and tell you have a phone call. It can act as the phone and allow you to continue your task uninterrupted. With BIG-i, searching for your phone becomes a thing of the past.

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Schaft Unveils New Robot

Schaft RobotGoogle owned Schaft robotics recently unveiled a new bipedal robot with an interesting gait recently at the New Economic Summit in Japan.

The bipedal robot can be seen in a video carry heavy wights and walking over a metal rod.  It also walks outside on uneven terrain without falling down.

The unnamed robot has a low center of gravity due to the batteries and motors being between the legs instead of on top of them.

Here is the presentation.

Image credit @robotopia


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Vecna Robot Race

12Vecna Robotics held it’s second annual 5k and robot race this past Sunday.

This race raises money for the Vecna Cares Charitable Trust.

It was a cold start to to the day, but promised to get livelier with all the robots, runners and some food trucks.

The robot race had 2 courses.  The first course was a much smaller maze type course and the second a long straight away with a few couple of hay bales as obstacles .  Each course contained a plastic blue cup the robots were supposes to pick up.

For the smaller race, the blue cup was in the middle of a short maze. For the larger race, the start and finish line were the same and the blue cup was at the other end of the straightaway.

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