Mech RC

The Mech RC is now available in the US for $599.

Included in this kit are 17 high torque metal gear servos,  a remote control unit, 3D visual software, lithium battery pack and charger and all the parts needed to build a crazy dancing robot.

Over 100 moves come pre-stored on the robot.  Unfortunately the software is not MAC compatible yet.

Available at Trossen Robotics.  Trossen offers other humanoid robots, but the price and degree of difficulty go way up.  The Mech RC is the cheapest programmable humanoid robot they offer (not counting iSobot).

Watch the robot bust a move in the videoafter the break.

Link via (Engadget)

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3 Responses to Mech RC

  1. Guy Daniel says:

    good good?this post deserves nothing 🙁 ?hahaha just joking 😛 ?nice post 😛

  2. yaw says:

    where should i go to look for more information about this robot? stated got more than 100 pre-stored move but the control only got part of it only.
    and i am not quite sure with the software usage. after we create some new movement, can we like save it to the robot itself and set it to the remote control? meaning that not using the usb-serial driver, not control by computer.

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