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Mini Helicopter Drone



The first fully legal UAV for emergency services, the  Draganflyer X6 Police Helicopter, has been unveiled.

The X6 Police Helicopter comes with 6 rotors.  It can fly autonomously or by remote control. It also has an anti vibration camera mount, allowing it to shoot high definition video as well as stills.

This bad boy is already being used by Canadian police.

Check out the drone spying on a high rise apartment  after the break.

Link via (Calgary Herald) via (Gizmodo)



  1. Comment by link building services:

    Enjoying reading your blog. Hard work always pays off.

  2. Comment by Chief Robot:

    Check out this New Yorker article.
    A Tennessee gun maker a has made a machine gun that does not recoil and is putting the gun on robots.

  3. Comment by geo:

    We are clearly going right down the Terminator path to doom.

    It will only take em less than a year to put some kind of gun on them “for officer’s safety”.

  4. Comment by Jeff:

    This video makes me feel really secure…prison secure.

  5. Comment by Jez:

    Nearly 2 years after the Merseyside (UK) Police did the same thing:

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