Rethink Robotics

BaxterRethink Robotics, formerly Heartland Robotics, was founded by Rodney Brooks, formerly of iRobot.

Rodney sums up his vision for Rethink Robotics like this on their website.

Our robots will be intuitive to use, intelligent and highly flexible. They’ll be easy to buy, train, and deploy and will be unbelievably inexpensive. Rethink Robotics will change the definition of how and where robots can be used, dramatically expanding the robot marketplace.

Rethink Robotics has never really revealed what they have been working on until now. We give you Baxter, the manufacturing robot.

Unveiled today is a robot named Baxter that will aid in small manufacturing.  With a base price of $22,000, Baxter also has add-ons like a mobile pedestal or a vacuum cup gripper.

Baxter is designed to work near humans and expand their productiveness in the manufacturing field.

Baxter has 360 degree sonar and a front facing camera to help detect humans, 7 degrees of freedom per arm, interchangeable end-effectors, a screen display and on arm navigator, as well as other features.

Some of Baxter’s benefits are:

Out of the box and working in under an hour.

Can easily switch between tasks.

Works alongside humans.

Easy to use software.

Perhaps Baxter’s greatest feature is the ability to work alongside humans and increase their productivity without taking their jobs away.

Rethink Robotics and  Baxter brochure

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