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Libyan Rebels Get Drone

Canadian company Aeron Labs has sold an Aeryon Scout to the Libyan rebels for an undisclosed amount.  This quadroter drone can be set up with a pre planned flight path, or you can just touch the touchscreen to tell it where to go.

The particular version the rebels received also has a thermal imaging camera, allowing the drone to see at night.

Aeryon Labs states:

While NATO countries fly unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) high above Libya, none of these UAVs, or the vital intelligence they provide, was available to the Libyans fighting to free their country – they were fighting blind. So, they got one of their own. The Libyan rebels have been using the Aeryon Scout Micro UAV to acquire intelligence on enemy positions and to coordinate their resistance efforts. This video gives sample photos and video from both the Scout’s daylight and thermal payloads.


According to Wired, Aeryon Labs worked with private security firm Zariba and had the drone hand delivered by Charles Barlow, who runs Zariba.  Charles states he spent no more than 24 hours training the rebels how to use the Aeryon Scout.

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Link via (Wired)


Amazing Spycopter

Aeryon-ScoutFrom Aeryon Labs in Canada comes an amazing new quadrotor called Scout.  Scout weighs only around 1 kilogram and while carried disassembled, it quickly snaps together. Scout has a range of 3 kilometers, can travel up to 50 kilometers an hour and withstand 80 kilometer an hour gusts of wind.

Pre planned flight paths can be used or you can simply click on the map on the control screen and Scout will go to that location.

The payload area is easily swappable and you can put in either a video camera that can stream video to any device like an iPhone, or a thermal imaging camera.  Other payloads can be easily developed.

Click through for a video of Scout catching a bad guy in action using the video camera.

Update 8/24/11 – Libyan rebels get Aeryon Scout drone.

Link via (IEEE Spectrum) via  (Ubergizmo)

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