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Car With Robot Companion

Chinese car maker BYD will be showing off a concept car at the Beijing Motor Show this week called QIN Concept.

The QIN Concept is an electric hybrid with a maximum speed of 115 mph. The sedan type car looks similar to a Toyota Corolla and will feature a dashboard robot called i.

When the car is started, the robot rises out of his hiding place in the dashboard.  i has different facial expressions and more than 1 camera to possibly detect driver fatigue.  The robot will also have some movement and sound a as well.

Hopefully the robot would also have voice recognition allowing the driver to control things like the stereo through voice commands.

Link via (Brisbane Times) via (China Times)


Army Robocar

robojeepGeneral Dynamics Robotics Systems Second Generation Tactical Autonomous Combat-Chassis, also known as T2 is shown here.

Recently the robotic vehicle was put through its paces at a testing facility in Maryland. General Dynamics has been working on this project for about 18 months for the Army.  Eddie Mottern, GDRS program manager stated:

We’re testing future Army unmanned or robotics systems against dynamic obstacles like moving pedestrians and other moving vehicles,

I wonder if any of the technology from Boss made it into this vehicle.

Link via (The Washington Times)


Small RoboCar is a Research Platform

1Using this small Robocar by ZMP, researchers are able to test vehicle control.

Costing about $6000, the bot comes equipped with sensors like an infrared range sensors, proximity sensors and many more.

The RoboCar is 1/10 the size of a real car.

The car will begin shipping in June and the company states that they already have 100 orders.

Hopefully all this testing will eventually make cars safer, but who knows, the RoboCar may just rise up to join it’s robotic brothers and take over the world.

Link via (Gizmodo)