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Is Farming Ready for Robots?

Starting in 2009 we started seeing hints of robotic farming equipment.  Arduino forum user Lance posted about his automating a combine harvester. Lance was able to get the harvester to stay within 3 inches of the desired path which is … Continue reading

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Crop Scout Robot

From Harper Adams University College comes a new farming robot concept. Simon Blackwell, head of Engineering at Harper Adams states: We’re reevaluating the whole approach to agriculture. At the moment, crops are drilled in straight rows to suit machines, but … Continue reading

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Robotic Farming

Earlier this year we told you about a neat project called Prosperso by David Dorhout.  Prospero is the first phase of a robotic swarm project to grow and harvest food.  Prospero is controlled using a Parallax Propeller chip and 2 … Continue reading

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Prospero Robotic Farmer

Prospero is a project by David Dorhout for a SchmartBoard contest. The idea here is for a swarm of hexapods to do all your planting and crop tending for you.  The project write up states: Prospero is the working prototype … Continue reading

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