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Honda’s Lawnmowing Robot

MiimoMiimo, the new robotic lawnmower from Honda cuts your lawn in a random pattern for less stress on the grass.

The mowing height is adjustable from 20mm to 60 mm.

Lifts sensors activate an alarm if Miimo is lifted off the ground and requires a PIN to reactivate it for security.

For safety, Miimo has 3 bump sensors to detect objects that are in the way and it also stays inside a boundary wire you need to install. The boundary wire is connected to a charging station.

One odd fact is that the dealers will collect Miimo at the end of the season for winter maintenance and in some cases store it for the winter for you.

Miimo will be available in Europe in early 2013.

Link via (Engadget)


Asimo Attends Sundance

Everyone’s favorite robot Asimo is now making celebrity appearances. A short 10 minute Documentary film called Living With Robots will be shown at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah, followed by a live appearance by Asimo.

The sixth film release in Honda’s popular Dream the Impossible Documentary Series, “Living With Robots” was directed by award-winning filmmaker, Joe Berlinger, (Brother’s Keeper, Crude, Paradise Lost, Metallica: Some Kind of Monster). The film ponders life with robots such as ASIMO, along with perspectives from science-fiction screenwriters, academics, philosophers, engineers and other thinkers. Designed to someday assist people in their homes, ASIMO is the culmination of more than two decades of research and development by Honda engineers. Attendees have the unique opportunity to experience “Living With Robots” and ASIMO in person for three days only, Fri., Jan. 22, through Sun., Jan. 24, with six shows daily at 11 a.m., 12 p.m., 1 p.m., 3 p.m., 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. Demonstrations will be held at The Village at the Yard, 1251 Kearns Blvd., Park City, Utah.

Looks like Honda will be posting the movie online at some point after it’s round of appearances.  Check out all the movies here. We hope Asimo knows how to work the crowd and avoid any embarrassing moments some other celebrities get caught in.

Link via (The Auto Channel)


U3-X Honda’s Mobility Device

-1Honda has created a new Segway like robotic mobility device called U3-X.  This device is small, lightweight and can be easily carried when not in use.

It works basically like a seat with a wheel that responds to your weight movement.

U3-X features balance technology developed through the robotic research of ASIMO and uses an incline sensor to sense weight shifts and movement.

It also uses the HOT Drive System (Omni-directional driving wheel system).  This is the world’s first wheel structure to enable movement in all directions.

Click through for more photos and a video.

Link via (Robotic Trends)

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