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Rubot II New World Record

Rubot IIRubot II, the Rubix Cube solving robot, set a new world record this past weekend.

Rubot II was built by Peter Redmond of Mechatrons, based in Dublin Ireland.

Rubot II was at the The Maker Faire , held for the first time  in the Queens area of New York at the New York Hall of Science.

First The Rubix Cube was looked at by an official, and then was given 50 random turns by an audience member.  Then Peter put the cube in Rubot II’s hands.

As soon as Peter released his hand the clock was off and counting.  The time was displayed on Rubot II’s chest.  After a few seconds, Rubot II paused, and I thought something was wrong, but he was just in deep concentration.  Then his hands began to fly and soon the Rubix  Cube was solved in only 37.5 seconds!  A new official world record!

Way to go Rubot II!

Click through for the video of the record setting event.

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Maker Faire Rhode Island

maker-faire-rhode-islandThis weekend is the Maker Faire in Providence Rhode Island.

Come learn how to solder or meet some folks who make robots.

Belvedere the butler robot will be there, as well as Makerbot and some interesting things from Neuron Robotics.

Come for the robots, stay for all the other fun stuff.

By the way, the event is free, but if you feel like donating you can do so on Kickstarter.

Maker Faire RI August 28, 2010, Bank of America Skating Center. 3pm-11pm


Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair

logoNext time we are in the Ann Arbor Michigan area we will definitely have to check this store out called Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair.  An actual robot repair shop?  How cool is that. Makes me wish I actually had a Rosie the robot from the Jetsons so I could take her in for repairs.

Liberty Street also house a writing center for young people in back.  The kids get a real kick out of having to go through a robot store to get to a writing workshop.  Sounds like a cool place.

Don’t forget that Maker Faire Detroit is happening this coming weekend.

For more info check out this Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair video.


Robotic Chess Game

Del Hatch recentluy showed off his amazing chess playing robot at the Maker Faire.

Using a computerized chess board and a Sir-3 robotic arm bought from Ebay, Del has created a cool robotic arm that plays chess.

He started out using a GnuChess engine but switched to a Rybka engine as it played more like a human and didn’t always win.

What fun is chess if you always lose?

See our previous post about another chess playing robot from Ebrahim Jahandar.

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