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Honda’s Lawnmowing Robot

MiimoMiimo, the new robotic lawnmower from Honda cuts your lawn in a random pattern for less stress on the grass.

The mowing height is adjustable from 20mm to 60 mm.

Lifts sensors activate an alarm if Miimo is lifted off the ground and requires a PIN to reactivate it for security.

For safety, Miimo has 3 bump sensors to detect objects that are in the way and it also stays inside a boundary wire you need to install. The boundary wire is connected to a charging station.

One odd fact is that the dealers will collect Miimo at the end of the season for winter maintenance and in some cases store it for the winter for you.

Miimo will be available in Europe in early 2013.

Link via (Engadget)


Another Robo Mower

lb1200-1Lawnbott is a robotic mower that needs no perimeter wire.  The robotic mower users moisture sensors and bumper sensors to detect where it is.

It was introduced to the US and Canada last year and was expected to be introduced to Europe this year with a smaller version.

The US version weighs 18 lbs and has an 8 1/2 inch cutting blade.  Using a lithium ion battery it will run for about 4 hours on a single charge.  It currently sells for roughly $1399.

Video after the break.

Link via (Robot Stock News)

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