CWRU Cut Team Win Again

cwrucutter2010Summer, the time of being lazy, reading books outside and having to mow your lawn.  Well, you could buy a robotic lawnmower such as the Automower 260 ACX from Husqvarna, but that would set you back around $5,000.  Much better and cheaper to make your own like the team from Case Western did.

The CWRU Cut (pronounced crew cut) team from Case Western Reserve University has won the Ion Robotic Lawnmower Competition for the third year in a row. This is no easy feat when you have to avoid obstacles such as a stuffed dog mounted on a remote control car.

For the first time in the competition’s eight-year history, CWRU Cutter, the team’s robot lawn mower, earned the “Best Quality of Cut Award” for mowing 80 percent of the competition’s cutting field area while creating an aesthetically pleasing look to the resulting field. Teams from 15 universities competed, including Auburn and Wright State, which placed second and third respectively.

Last year we profiled another entry in the competition called Titan Chopper from California State University.

Click through for a video from last year of Cutter in action.

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