Fume Extractor

After doing a lot of soldering we decided it was time for a cheap fume extractor.

Parts List

1. Cheap fan for about $10

2. Plastic bin from TargetĀ  $8

3. Leftover flexible dryer hose $0

4. Leftover wire


1. Drill

2. Jigsaw


Turn the plastic bin upside down on your work area.

We had originally cut a large hole in the front our bin, but found it easier to use by basically cutting it in half with the jigsaw.

So, decide now, want kind a hole or area to work through you want now.

Unscrew the metal grate from the fan and measure how big you want the hole to be on the bin.

To cut the fan hole we drilled a large hole and then used a jigsaw to cut the rest of it.

We then drilled 3 small holes to hold the fan to the bin.

Now cut your work hole our cut it in half like we did with the jigsaw.

We then attached the fan to the bin with leftover wire and re attached the front of the metal grate on the outside of the bin.

Now we poke one hole on each side of the dryer hose and attached it to the front of the fan.

(If you don’t have a nearby window, you may forgo the dryer hose)

Use It

If you have a nearby window, open it and stick the dryer house out it.

If you don’t have a window, just point the hose on the floor or pointing away from you.

Now plug the fan in and turn it on.

You are now ready to solder without getting any of those fumes in your face.

Feel free to make yours nicer or cut it more evenly than we did.


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