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When Robots Go Rogue

Thanks to artist Jaime Martin, we now know what happens when crab like police robots malfunction or go rogue. Be sure to check out C.R.A.B and all of Jaime’s art at his website Link via (Gizmodo)

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Robotic Vacuum

The latest in robotic vacuum design from Yanko Design and the 2010 Electolux Design Lab competition. The Instinct by Berty Bhuruth.  It almost looks like something from Star Wars or a robotic dog. Berty Bhuruth’s robotic vacuum cleaner concept is … Continue reading

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Funktionide Robot

Most robots resemble something humanoid like Data from Star Trek or the programmable humanoid robots that play soccer.  Some robots like the Roomba actually perform useful functions. Well, along comes Funktionide by Stefan Ulrich to shatter all pre-conceived notions as … Continue reading

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Alien Pet Care Robot

This robotic pet minder concept is a cool idea.  Unfortunately it might actually scare your pet. The Pet Care Robot is a Wi-Fi enabled robot with 2 large eyes (cameras), a speaker, microphone and a ball for your pet to … Continue reading

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Cyclops Robot Actually A Tiny Greenhouse

Le Petit Prince is a design finalist in the Electrolux Design Lab competition. This cute robot designed by Martin Miklica, is designed to help us conquer Mars or other planets one plant at a time. Le Petit Prince does that … Continue reading

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