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Ambassador Of Death Brings Peace

The Karrar is a 4 meter long robotic plane built by Iran with a 600 mile range. What the plane can actually carry seems to be up for debate.  On one hand it is supposed to be capable of carrying … Continue reading

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Army’s Tentacle Robot

No, it’s not quiet like Dr. Octopus from Spiderman, but it does have 3 tentacle like arms. The U.S. Army Research Laboratory has taken a snake robot and expanded on its capabilities by combing three of them together with a … Continue reading

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Automated Golf Carts Head To War

GUSS, (Ground Unmanned Support Surrogate) is the latest offering from  Torc Technologies. The Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory, Virginia Tech and TORC worked together to develop GUSS. The autonomous vehicle can carry up to 1,800 pounds and move at about 5 … Continue reading

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Shape Shifting Material

Science researchers in Massachusetts have developed a material that can shape shift or fold in an origami fashion.  From the Harvard University press release: The sheet, a thin composite of rigid tiles and elastomer joints, is studded with thin foil … Continue reading

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A group of researchers from University of the Bundeswehr Munich (UBM) showed off their MuCAR-3 last week at the European Land Robot Trial or ELROB held in Germany.  MuCAR-3 stands for Munich Cognitive Autonomous Robot Cars and is the third … Continue reading

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