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Kyoto Temple Has Robot Priest

The robot is based on the Buddhist deity of mercy.  The robot leads services at the Kodaiji temple in Kyoto. “This robot will never die; it will just keep updating itself and evolving,” said priest Tensho Goto. The robot was … Continue reading

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Tertill Update

Two years ago Tertill, the garden weeding robot by Franklin Robotics, was on Kickstarter.  1200 backers pledged just over $300,000. The good news is they are finally shipping in two to three weeks.  You can also buy one now for … Continue reading

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Atlas Now Does Parkour

Atlas, the human like robot from Boston Dynamics now does parkour. Atlas is just under 5′ tall and weighs about 165 pounds. Thanks to 28 different joints Atlas is very agile and also sport LiDAR and Stereo Vision. In the … Continue reading

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Iron Ox Robotic Farming

As we get closer to robotic farming, one company near San Fransisco aims to make it a reality. Iron Ox uses two robots in its 8,000 sq ft hydroponic farm facility. One robot carries the heavy trays around while another … Continue reading

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Magnetic Structures

Engineers from MIT have created 3d printed structures that can be controlled with magnets.  They have created a new kind of 3D printing material that ends up soft to the touch but embedded with magnetic particles. The desired shape is … Continue reading

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