Amazing Fire Chief Robot

fire chief robotYouTube poster robothut has created an amazing robot called Fire Chief  from a Chief Smoky robot that actually sends smoke out of the fire hose nozzle.

So here is my version of the Fire Chief robot. The firs effect in the chest turned out very well, I used a rotating wrinkle foil drum that colored lights reflect off of just like the fake fire units do, but again the digital camera does not like to shoot in to the lit effect. The smoker hose effect turned out great! The tip of the hose is the smoke fluid cartridge so if need be it can be replaced , the hearter is on the end of the hose and the power to the heater runs inside the hose. The hose is fed air buy a small air pump that came from a junked out blood pressure machine.

Great job robothut! Click through for a short video.

Link via (Danefield)

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