Arduino Tweetbot

Little_KenUK hacker Ken Lim encourages everyone to start building their own robot army, one robot at a time.

Ken built the robot here called the Guardian Robot.  This robot uses an Arduino as it’s brain and monitors your Twitter account.

If the tweets coming in are happy it raises its hand to give you a high five, if they are sad it lowers its head.

If you high five the robot back or give it a hug when it is sad, it will then send out an appropriate tweet.  There are 2 switches that you actually push.  One switch is on its hand and and another is on its stomach.

Check out the source code here if you want to make your own.

Or follow the Guardian Robot on Twitter.

Click through for a video of Ken demonstrating his awesome creation.

Link via (Make)

Ken Lim’s Guardian Robot from InsideGuardian on Vimeo.

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