DIY Drones

It’s all about the drones this week baby, so why not make one yourself?


Over at DIY Drones you can get directions on how to build your own drone for not a lot of money.  They have just released Ardupilot 2.0, software that controls the your drone plane.  Or if planes aren’t your thing, build an autonomous blimp for about $100.  Check out the blimp page at DIY Drones here.  Or you can buy a kit from Make here.

Blimp Bot

The blimps go by various names such as Light Autonomous Air Vehicle, Blimp Bots, Blubber Bots.  Although blimps seem like they would be fun to make, they don’t seem like they would be good for  carrying a heavy camera.  It’s all about the cameras and spying man.

hexarotor_assembly1Check out this helicopter being made by Jose at DIY Drones, complete with camera.

Or you could just shell out $$$ for a Draganflyer.  The Draganflyer 6 has no price listed, just a request a quote form.  But the Draganflyer SAVS model goes for $2,499.  It certainly would be a lot cheaper to build your own drone.   What are you waiting for man?  Get building!


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3 Responses to DIY Drones

  1. laith says:

    could u give me the dimensions of this plane, please? because I would like to build one for the graduation ceremony.
    and what is the wing NACA YOU USED FOR IT?

  2. zeev says:

    see….with blimps,, there is the potential to maneuver into position using the thrusters and then to hover totall silently for extended periods, which is excellent for spying.

    in fact, the blimps/underwater automated subs of the future might even use ‘wagging’ acutuators which are near silent and can be used to maneuver into position completely silently. its great to spy with a helicopter but if your target is in the vicinity, they will invariably notice your presence.

    there are ways of lowering the acoustic profile of a motorized propeller in place, but they are not all that great.

    …….this is the same reason electic motorcycles will be the drive-by assasins vehicle of choice in the future. compared to a normal motorcycle coming at you at 60+ mph, this thing will come up on you like a ghost.

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