Mechatronic Tank

MechatronCheck out this amazing DIY robot by Robert Beatty and his daughter called Mechatron.

Using mecanum wheels and an electric gun, this amazing robot can move sideways and fire pellets at the same time.

To accomplish all this the forty five pound robot has the following:

An Arduino Mega,  Arduino Nano, 12 Maxbotix sonar sensors, 4 motors,  Xbee radio, custom gun turret, Hitec Digital servos, MP3 Sound Board, many LEDs as well as other items.

Robert’s comment on his own blog state:

We set out to build the best, coolest robot we could. There is no doubt that it cost thousands of dollars for the various individual components and raw materials alone, but I didn’t keep track. People have asked me to sell Mechatron, build them one, or turn it into a kit, which would be a lot of fun, but I think it would be far too expensive for most people. For us it was a labor of love.

Awsome job Robert, we love this robot!

Update – 12/13  We had a video up, but replaced it with this photo as the video went down for some reason.

Link via (Arduino Forums)

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