Robotino Learning Platform

RobotinoFesto, the company behind the Aquajelly and Airjelly robots, now offers a mobile robotic learning platform called Robotino.

The complete Robotino packages includes the following:

  1. Omnidirectional drive
  2. Web camera
  3. Nine infrared distance sensors
  4. Analogue inductive sensor
  5. Two optical sensors

Two 12 V lead-gel rechargeable non-spillable electric storage batteries are also included  along with a charging device.  A charging station is available on request, allowing Robotino to recharge automatically by itself.

No word on actual price, but they did recently offer participants in the German Open Robocup a special deal  for €2,900, or roughly $3,700.00.

Click through to check out the Festo 2009 hockey challenge using Robotino in Budapest.


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