Stompy, The Rideable Hexapod

StompyUsing a 135  horsepower Toyota forklift engine, a group of people from Artistan’s Asylum in Somerville Massachusetts are creating a 2500 pound rideable hexapod robot.

Fifteen students signed up for a 4 month class taught by Gui Cavalcanti, James Whong, and Dan Cody.  The three teachers are all real roboticists with real life experience in building robots.

The center of the middle legs are 17 feet wide and the bottom of the undercarriage is 6 feet high.

Stompy will be very big.

The class description states:

All students will, obviously, be trained and experienced robot riders by the end of class.

The class is scheduled to finish at the end of July, so we expect to see photos of Stompy riding around Somerville in August.

Good luck Stompy makers.

Link via (Artistan’s Asylum)

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