Two Wheeled Robot

motor shield2 wheeled platform

Follow along as we attempt to build our first two wheeled robot using three main components.

We will be using an Arduino Duemilanove for the brain, an Adafruit Motor Shield and 2 Wheeled Mobile Platform from MakerShed.

We are not sure yet what we will have the robot do.  We do have a Maxbotix LV-EZ1 Ultrasonic Range Finder and may use that to help it avoid bumping into walls, or we may use some photocells to make a line following robot.

Ultimately, when it is done is three or four years it will deliver cold beer and do almost everything as Tom Waits says in Step Right Up.

That’s right, it filets, it chops
It dices, slices, never stops
Lasts a lifetime, mows your lawn
And it mows your lawn
And it picks up the kids from school
It gets rid of unwanted facial hair
It gets rid of embarrassing age spots
It delivers a pizza
And it lengthens, and it strengthens
And it finds that slipper that’s been at large
Under the chaise lounge for several weeks
And it plays a mean Rhythm Master
It makes excuses for unwanted lipstick on your collar

Kidding aside, what should we have our little two wheeled robot do when it is done?

Leave your suggestions in the comments and follow our progress on the build page.

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