MeArm Pi – A Robot Arm Anyone Can Build

MeArm PiThanks to 788 backers as of this writing, MeArm Pi has been completely funded on Kickstarter with only  a few days left in the campaign.

MeArm Pi is a programmable robot arm made by Mime Industries specifically for the Raspberry Pi microcontroller.

This seems like the perfect way to teach kids to code.  Assembly is fairly easy and then the MeArm Pi can be controlled by the joysticks or you can program it using one of several languages like Python, Ruby , Scratch, Perl, Java and Basic.

What you turn the arm into is up to you.  Will you make the arm dunk your biscuit in milk? Or maybe you could add a fake hand and  it could pet your cat?  Or could you program it to draw with a marker?

You can get the basic MeArm Pi without a Raspbery Pi for £60 or with a Raspberry Pi Zero W for £85. Shipping is supposed to start in July.  This is not Mime’s first product but appears to be their first Kickstarter campaign.

Mime states they will sell MeArm Pi on their website after the Kickstarter campaign is over.

Link  via Mime

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