Root Robotics Teaches Coding

Root RobotRoot Robotics is taking pre orders for Root, a hexagonal robot that teaches coding.

Root has many cool features like being able to climb walls, respond to it’s environment, even draw and erase on a whiteboard.

This is all thanks to 32 color sensors, 2 light sensors, 1 gyroscope, 1 accelerometer, 2 bumpers amongst other features.

After raising over $397,000 on Kickstarter, Root Robotics is now taking pre orders.
Root will cost you $199 and is programmed via Root Square, a unique iPad app. The app allows users to program with 3 levels of complexity.  Beginners use a graphical using interface by dragging code blocks. Advanced users can code in straight text.

Programming can also be done on a PC or MAC using a SDK and Javascript or Python. Root Robotics also hope to make APIs available at a later date.

Unfortunately Root won’t make a good holiday present this year as expected delivery date is April 2018.


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