Robopocolypse The Book & Movie

RobopocalypseA new book by Daniel H Wilson called Robopocolypse is due out this summer. You may remember Daniel from some of his other books, How To Survive A Robot Uprising or How To Build A Robot Army.  Stephen Spielberg somehow got an early draft of the book and has already optioned it for a movie due out in 2013.

Robopocolypse is about , you guessed it, a robot uprising.  Daniel describes the book like this:

With “Robopocalypse,” I intentionally went with something that you can convey easily. It’s a robot uprising in which technology turns on humankind and tries to kill us. From there, I tried to introduce complex themes and be thoughtful and punch the reader in the gut with the actual story and my characters.

Check out the complete interview over at Collector’s Weekly, where Daniel talks about Carnegie Mellon, robots and how he got into writing.

You can pre-order the book at Amazon.

Link via (Collector’s Weekly)


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  2. This theme is a copy from Isaac Azimov’ I Robot stories and Ray Kurzweil’s writings about computers reaching the level of human intelligence. Both had lots of good ideas but the reality appears much more subtle as humans integrate computers into their bodies for medical, intellectual and financial advantages and augmentation. if you label this “a cyborg” get used to it because the advantages of human assisted on-line intelligence is irresistible.

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