Kobi, Your Grass, Leaf and Snow Robot


(Photo/The Kobi Company)

The Kobi Company has introduced Kobi, your all purpose yard care robot. Kobi comes with three attachments for grass, leaves and snow.

Fully autonomous and controlled by your cell phone, Kobi also come with a docking station where it recharges all by itself.

Kobi is also smart and pays attention to the weather.  Kobi’s website states:

Kobi knows when it will snow and will even warn you accordingly. Kobi will autonomously remove the snow in small quantities while it is falling. Kobi takes a proactive approach to snow removal.

We have seen lawn mowing robots and snow robots like RoboPlow, but this is the first three in one yard care robot we have seen.  Kobi will be available for the 2017/2018 winter season at a cost of $3,999.00.

Link via Digital Trends

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