Sega Dream Cat

sega_dream_cat_venus_1-480x360First their was Dream Cat Smile, now Sega has upgraded the cat to Dream Cat Venus.

The new robot kitty responds to touch as well as voice commands and comes with a plastic comb for grooming.  The litter box is not included.

For some reason Sega is calling these cats Norwegian Forest Cats.  Were not sure, but maybe the Google translator mangled the Norwegian to Japanese translation.  Well, that really isn’t the case as Norwegian Forest Cats are actually real.

The cat will be available in Japan after 7/30 for about $110. No word on why Sega can’t get past the whole uncanny valley thing with its robo pets.

Click  through for a video from a year ago of one of the cats.

Link via (Slash Gear)

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  1. Used Sega games says:

    I love Sega. I still have a dreamcast that I play all the time.

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