Aldebaran Robotics NAO

NAOLast Saturday we had a chance to get up close and personal with NAO from Aldebaran Robotics at the Museum of Science in Boston.  As part of a block party for National Robotics Week we saw some amazing robots.

If you haven’t actually met this little humanoid yet, suffice to say we were very impressed.

NAO reacts to voice commands thanks to 4 microphones.  This gives NAO the ability to dance on command as we saw the the block party.  One can also touch the capacitive sensor on his head to give him commands.

What most impressed us was NAO’s 25 degrees of freedom and his ability to contort and actually balance on one leg like he was doing some Tai Chi moves.  This flexibility is also accomplished with the help of an inertial sensor, force sensitive resistors,  Hall effect sensors, an infrared receiver and the sonar sensors.

Did we also mention that NAO has been the official robot of the standard platform league of Robocup since 2008?  This is one impressive robot.

Click through for our video of NAO in action.
Photo from Aldebaran Robotics

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