Dreamer From Meka Robotics

Meka Robotics DreamerMeka Robotics has created a robot called Dreamer that uses Willow Garage’s ROS or Robot Operating System.  The robot has no mouth, some very expressive ears as well as some cute eyes containing FireWire cameras.

The idea here is to create a humanoid robot that is able to be used around humans.  The robot’s arm has seven degrees of freedom and is pliable like a human arm.

Meka robotics is based in San Fransisco and Dreamer is being developed by Luis Sentis , an assistant professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Austin in Texas.

Seems like Dreamer is a Japanese styled version of what Heartland Robotics is also working on.

Check out Dreamer in the clip below.

Link via (CNET)

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