PR2 and ROS Grow

pr2PR2 from Willow Garage uses ROS (Robot Operating System) and is one amazing robot.
First PR2 learned to play pool and fetch beer for the staff at Willow Garage.
PR2 is currently listed at $400,000, out of the range of most regular guys like me, but some universities have gotten one and boy, have they taught PR2 some neat tricks.

First PR2 learned how to fold clothes and now it is learning how to solve the entire laundry problem , including washing, drying, folding and putting clothes away!

Some other folks have taught PR2 to read.

For it’s latest trick, PR2 has paid a visit to MIT and the robot has learned how to bake cookies!
Click through to see PR2 do his amazing stuff.

PR2 folds laundry.

PR2 learns more laundry skills and faster towel folding.

PR2 learns to read at the University of Pennsylvania.

PR2 learns to bake cookies at MIT

All we need now is to add vacuuming and BarBot capabilities and we will have our Rosie from the Jetsons!

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