Telenoid R1 Visits The Uncanny Valley

Telenoid R1Hiroshi Ishiguro, the creator of the doppleganger robot, has created another crazy robot that falls way down into the uncanny valley.

The robot, called Telenoid R1, looks like it was sculpted out of white modeling clay.  It has the face of a human, but the body is somewhat lacking as it does not have hands or legs and feet.

The idea is that once you become used to the robot, you project whomever is remotely operating it onto the robot, like a friend.  I guess the idea is for the robot to be a blank canvas or blank slate.  Using special software, a remote operator sits at a computer.  Using a webcam and the software they control Telenoid R1 to communicate with the other person.

Telenoid R1 is seen as being used in remote places, education and for the elderly.

Two versions of the robot will be produced.  The one for researchers will cost about $35,000 and the commercial version will cost about $8,000.

Click through for a video.

Link via (IEEE Spectrum)

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