Cleaning Robot Works With Dry Ice

jetty robotCzech company Neovision has invented a robot that cleans air ducts using dry ice.

The robot can clean round , rectangular or square ducts and climb vertical ducts to clean them too.  How long the robot stays cleaning in one place and how much velocity the nozzle jet has can also be controlled by the user.  The robot is attached to a cable and controlled via a joystick.  The cleaning process can also be viewed easily thanks to an on board camera.

Neovision states the advantages of using dry ice.

The method of dry ice blasting is regardful of the cleaned surface and does not cause any damage. Another advantage is that no waste is created after dry ice treatment (solid carbon dioxide) as the dry ice is converted into the gas and leaves the pipes through the vent. Indispensable advantage is a fact that the carbon dioxide is an inert and non-toxic gas.

Click through for an animation of how the robot works.

Link via (Tech Crunch)

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  2. dry ice says:

    This thing is ABSOLUTLY amazing. The Jetty has 35 meters of hose. The way that the nozzle rotates around is ridiculous. Good job developing this one Neovision!

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