President Obama Announces Manufacturing Initiative

President Obama speaks at Carnegie Mellon

Photo: White House

President Obama visited Carnegie Mellon University last week to announce a new manufacturing initiative called the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership or  AMP.

AMP is a a $500 million partnership between universities like Carnegie Mellon and companies like Corning, along with the government to bolster manufacturing in the United States.  Part of this initiative will support the creation of robots.

The National Science Foundation, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, National Institutes of Health and the Department of Agriculture are coming together to make available today $70 million to support research in next generation robots. These investments will help create the next generation of robots that will work closely with human operators – allowing new ability for factory workers, healthcare providers, soldiers, surgeons and astronauts to carry out key hard-to-do tasks.

This sounds very similar to the robots Heartland Robotics is gearing up to make and also similar to FRIDA by ABB. In the photo, President Obama is shown with a Sensabot. This is a robot that is designed to monitor industrial facilities. President Obama went on to actually sign the robot.

Click through for a video of the announcement.

Link via (CMU)

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