Black Hornet, Microcopter

Black HornetThe tiny Black Hornet is a microcopter UAV designed by Prox Dynamics, a Norwegian company.  This microcopter is deployed by hand and controlled with a joystick, while viewing the action on a tablet.  The Black Hornet can fly for up to 25 minutes and is almost completely silent.

Black Hornet is currently being deployed with the British troops in Afghanistan where it is said to make a big difference. It streams live video and can capture snapshots.  Weighing only 16 grams  this seems like a great addition to a troops arsenal without adding much extra weight.

Link via (IEEE Spectrum)

  • Update 1/19/19

Prox Dynamics was bought by FLIR in 2016 for $134 million.  They have just announced they have received a $89 million contract from the French military. Source



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