Boston Dynamics Cheetah

cheetah robotBoston Dynamics, the makers of Big Dog, have received more funding from DARPA.  This time they are working on a robot inspired by a cheetah, as shown in the image here.

Marc Railbert, the president of Boston Dynamics, had this to say about the Cheetah robot:

There’s no fundamental reason why it can’t go as fast as the animals (60 to 70 mph), but it will take a while to get there.

Right now, the goal is to produce a Cheetah like robot in 20 months that can go at 20 – 30 mph.  The robot will also be able to make tight corners and stop abruptly.  As of yet, there is no specific use for the Cheetah robot. DARPA just wants the technology developed and then will find a use for it.  I wonder who would win in a race, the Terminator or the Cheetah?  I think that all depends on if Boston Dynamics ever gets the robot to run 70 mph, then it would be time to be afraid, very afraid,  of the robots.

Link via (Boston Herald)

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