CyPhy Works Unveiled

CyPhy Works EASE & PARCCyPhy Works, headed by Helen Greiner formerly of iRobot, has unveiled what it has been working on.

The first robot is named EASE for Extreme Access System for Entry.   The second is called PARC for Persistent Aerial Reconnaissance and Communications.

The common thread between both robots is a microfilament cable.  This thread is unspooled from the robot and provides power as well as communications.  The idea here is not to worry about battery life and to provide unajmmable communications as no radio is used.

The robots provide high definition video as well as having an optional thermal imaging camera.

The composite image on the right is made up of 2 images from CyPhy works with PARC on top and EASE on the bottom.

PARC could search the grounds outside a building and on the rooftop while EASE seems ideal for searching inside the building for suspects.  Most robots aiming for investigating buildings are wheeled and may run into obstacles, unlike PARC and EASE as they can fly through windows and up stairwells.

Click through for a video of EASE.

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