Shape Shifting Material

Programmable MaterialScience researchers in Massachusetts have developed a material that can shape shift or fold in an origami fashion.  From the Harvard University press release:

The sheet, a thin composite of rigid tiles and elastomer joints, is studded with thin foil actuators (motorized switches) and flexible electronics. The demonstration material contains twenty-five total actuators, divided into five groupings. A shape is produced by triggering the proper actuator groups in sequence.

Daniela Rus is a professor of electrical engineering at MIT and one of the creators of these smart sheets.  She had this to say:.

“Smart sheets are Origami Robots that will make any shape on demand for their user,”

Maybe some day this transforming material will be used to make real Transformers.

It comes as no surprise that this project received some of its funding from DARPA.

Click through for a video of the origami action.

Link (Thanks Morgan)

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