TiaLinx Launches New Cougar Robot


Cougar10-l photo from TiaLinx

While the new robot Cougar10-L looks nothing like a cougar, this cool robot can see inside buildings.

This treaded robot has an RF scanner that uses wideband signals, allowing it to penetrate reinforced concrete and monitor activity.

Chief Executive Officer Fred Mohamdi states:

TiaLinx’s Cougar10-L solution addresses two distinct functions: scanning and imaging concealed objects behind a barrier vertically as well as horizontally.

The robot comes with a retractable arm and can be remotely operated with a computer.

Multiple integrated cameras provide night and day surveillance behind walls.  Seems like a great robot for monitoring people hidden in a concrete bunker.

Part of the imaging development was sponsored bu the Army.  The press release states:

TiaLinx’s UWB RF Imaging development was sponsored by a SBIR Phase II from the Army’s PEO AMMO, PM-CCS.

See the full TiaLinx press release.

Link via (UPI)

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