Robotic Summer Camp

robot campIf you live in Illinois or Massachusetts and have kids, this seems like a great camp to send them to.

Participants incorporate what they learn about robot architecture, end effectors, sensors and programming to command their bot. Projects are theme based and incorporate activities in sports, adventure, search & rescue, the Amazing Race and BattleBots.

The camps are run by Green Apple Campus.

Who is GreenApple Campus? GreenApple Campus is an educational not-for-profit organization providing STEM programming. STEM, Science Technology Engineering and Math, are key 21st Century skills. GAC began offering programs in 2003.  Each year our content team designs exciting enrichment programs designed to challenge and engage kids. We continue to add programs and locations each year, thanks to the positive results we receive from participants and parents.

Camps  cost $250 per week for either the Robotics Engineering or the Robotics & Invention sessions.  Shown here is a Lego Mindstorms NXT robot used in some of the sessions.   Summer 2011 registration.


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