Vecna Robot Race

12Vecna Robotics held it’s second annual 5k and robot race this past Sunday.

This race raises money for the Vecna Cares Charitable Trust.

It was a cold start to to the day, but promised to get livelier with all the robots, runners and some food trucks.

The robot race had 2 courses.  The first course was a much smaller maze type course and the second a long straight away with a few couple of hay bales as obstacles .  Each course contained a plastic blue cup the robots were supposes to pick up.

For the smaller race, the blue cup was in the middle of a short maze. For the larger race, the start and finish line were the same and the blue cup was at the other end of the straightaway.

A variety of robots participated in the race from smaller Lego robots up to a Vecna Vgo and Vecna QC Bot.  They haven’t announced winners yet, but check out some of the amazing robots below.  Nice job everyone!

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