Atlas Now Does Parkour

AtlasAtlas, the human like robot from Boston Dynamics now does parkour. Atlas is just under 5′ tall and weighs about 165 pounds.

Thanks to 28 different joints Atlas is very agile and also sport LiDAR and Stereo Vision.

In the latest video, Atlas is seen running, jumping over a log and then hopping up several large steps. Atlas is very well balanced but if knocked over, can get up on his own.

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Iron Ox Robotic Farming

Iron OxAs we get closer to robotic farming, one company near San Fransisco aims to make it a reality. Iron Ox uses two robots in its 8,000 sq ft hydroponic farm facility.

One robot carries the heavy trays around while another picks up the plants and puts them in spaces with more room as they grow bigger.

The company states they are trying to fill the shortage of farm employees while also shortening the distance food travels before it is consumed.

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Lighthouse Robot

LighthouseMassachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) doctoral graduate You Wu has created a soft robot called Lighthouse that can find pipe leaks.  Looking like a badminton shuttlecock, the robot can detect leaks as small as 4mm.

Because of the robots shape, it can go through elbows in the pipes and also adjust its size up to 20% to compensate for dirt and debris in the pipe.

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Yotel Miami Adds Butler Robot

YotelPad Butler robotYotel, famous for it’s suitcase storage robot has added a butler robot to YotelPad in Miami. The butler robot can deliver up to 77 pounds of drinks and other goodies.

The robot can also communicate in a variety of languages.

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Favorite Movie Robot

robotsRobots have been in movies since the very early days with the robot Maria appearing in the movie Metropolis in 1927.

Since then many more robots have appeared in movies.  Sometimes the robots are evil like the Terminator or sometimes they are good like WALL-E.

Who is your favorite robot from a movie?

Who is your favorite robot in a movie?
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