Favorite Movie Robot

robotsRobots have been in movies since the very early days with the robot Maria appearing in the movie Metropolis in 1927.

Since then many more robots have appeared in movies.  Sometimes the robots are evil like the Terminator or sometimes they are good like WALL-E.

Who is your favorite robot from a movie?

Who is your favorite robot in a movie?
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DrawBotDrawBot is a wall robot created by teacher Edwin Dertien and his student Janwillem te Voortwis. The robot moves up and down on bicycle chain pulleys.  When in the exact correct spot, it uses one of eight spray cans to spray out some color.

It can create a 3 ‘ x 4’ work of art in about two hours.

Here it is shown making it’s own version of the Mona Lisa.

Once a spray paint can is empty it needs to be replaced, often with a different color.  This helps create a pop art effect.


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SewbotSewbo is a robot sewing machine hybrid that can sew shirts all by itself.

The shirt is stiffened with something that is water soluble so the robot can more easily sew it together and then the stiffener is removed at the end.

Sewbo states:

Despite widespread use in other industries, automation has failed to find a place in apparel manufacturing due to robots’ inability to handle limp, flexible fabrics. Sewbo avoids these hurdles by temporarily stiffening fabrics, making it easy for conventional robots to build clothes as if they were made from sheet metal.

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Magnetic Structures

Engineers from MIT have created 3d printed structures that can be controlled with magnets.  They have created a new kind of 3D printing material that ends up soft to the touch but embedded with magnetic particles.

The desired shape is then printed with a magnet next to the printing nozzle.  This magnet orients the magnetic particles in the same direction when the object is being printed.
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Scribit, Your Wall Drawing Robot

Scribit is a wall drawing robot that uses erasable markers. You can draw images and text on any vertical surface but Scribit works best on plaster, whiteboard or glass.

Currently on Kickstarter with a price of $269. they have already met their funding goal.
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