Robotic Fish

ariel moldEszter Ozsvald from the Center for Biorobotics in Estonia has created a robotic fish with only 1 servo called Ariel.

Eszter used a real fish as the her original model and made a cast of it.  Shown here are the electronics being put inside an epoxy shell.  She then used fiberglass and plastic resin to isolate and waterproof the electronics.

Here is what Eszter has to say about Ariel:

The end product was a biologically inspired robot fish. Instead of a rigid body, I implemented a novel material combination (silicon-polymer) that allows a flexible embodiment. The operation of a compliant tail proved to be very difficult to model theoretically: not only are compliant bodies non-linear, but the fish-flow interaction is of tremendous complexity. With the iterative approach in design, however, the result was excellent. The robot’s locomotion was surprisingly fish-like; it even left the same vortexes behind as biological fish do.

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Click through for a video of Ariel in action.

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