ArtBots 2011

UnrundArtBots 2011 is about to begin in Ghent, Belgium.  The show is being organized by timelab, a cool looking maker space.  Artbots is a yearly robot talent show featuring international artists. The following artists and their robots will be appearing at ArtBots this year.

 The Voice Extruder with Ranjit Bhatnagar
(USA), Noisolation Headphones with Alex Braidwood (USA), Jurema Action
Plant with Ivan Henriques (BR), Unrund with Korinna Lindinger (AT),
Korn with Logos (B), Acquired Knowledge with Alexander Reben, SADbot
with Dustyn Roberts en Ben Leduc Mills (USA), Steadystate V2 with Shahar
Zaks (USA).

Wile all the robots look very interesting, our favorite robot this year is Unrund by Korinna Lindinger. Unrund is a porcelain robot shaped like a ball that rolls around, seemingly at random.  Looks great for parlor tricks or scaring your cat.  Check out the video below of Unrund rolling around on ice.

Also featured this year is the LOGOS M&M Robot Orchestra with  48 robotic wind instruments

Opening night: 10/6 -9 pm
Show open : 10/7 – 10/9  10 am – 8 pm
M&M concert:10/8 8 pm – Logos Tetrahedron concert hall: Bomastraat 26-28, 9000 GENT
Artbots is Free and open to the public
Location: UFO Building Ghent University, Sint Pietersnieuwstraat 35, Gent 9000


unrund from Korinna Lindinger on Vimeo.

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