BEAM Solar Robots

wattsonRetromatix based in London has created some cool solar powered robots using BEAM principles. BEAM stands for Biology, Electronics, Aesthetics, Mechanics and was invented by Mark Tilden.  BEAM robots use simple analog circuits in favor of more complicated circuits using a microprocessor.  See some of our first BEAM style robots on our build page.  Wikipedia on BEAM robotics states:

Other rules that are included (and to varying degrees applied):

  1. Use the lowest number possible of electronic elements (“keep it simple”)
  2. Recycle and reuse technoscrap
  3. Use radiant energy (such as solar power)

Shown here is Wattson from Retromatix, a solar powered little guy holding a flower.  Wattson and others are available for sale.  Head on over to for contact info.

Click through to see a bunch of Wattson’s do their thing in the sunlight.


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